Friday, April 4, 2014

Wedges and Spring

Okay, so I don't know about you but I am definitely over the "polar vortex" we have been hit with this winter. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good snow day as much as the next teacher BUT it was beginning to get a bit ridiculous. So what better way to beat the winter blues then buy adorable and AFFORDABLE cute spring shoes? However, if you are like most of America at this time and are suffering from the economic woes, this can become a bit dicey. My husband and I have been pinching pennies to pay off debt and buy a house. Yes, we are trying to be responsible and sometimes it is difficult for this girl who loves a good shoe or an amazing top. So when the shopping bug bites, I typically hit up Gabe's or mine and my mother-in-law's personal favorite, Goodwill! If you already aren't frequenting these two stores, you should get over there!

I was driving to run an errand and thought "I should stop in Goodwill." So I looped back around and I am glad I did. I found four amazing BRAND-NEW wedges for a whopping $24! That's $6 a pair for you non-Math people, like myself. Don't worry, I took pics.

Aren't these adorable? Being a teacher, I love a good wedge because it enables me to wear heels without my feet hurting all day.

Oh and I can't forget the pair of wedges I bought at Goodwill 4 months ago and have eagerly been waiting to wear. The best thing? They were brand news with tags and only $2!

This evening has been pretty productive, not that I have finished grading my 110+ essays on McCarthyism or my Cold War Quizzes but I did complete my first yoga workout this evening. What in the world would we do without YouTube? I know yoga is suppose to be relaxing and quiet but nothing gets me in the mood to work out more than listening to Shakira and thinking of how tone she is. She is kind of my inspiration, don't judge me.

The large amount of papers I need to be grading as I type this. I'm going. I really am, I'm just waiting for my Bagel Bites to finish cooking.

Oh and a shout out to the NSA in the event they are breaking privacy laws and checking out my cell phone now as I type this on it because I am too lazy to head to my computer. I did put this beauty on my car this evening. Is it 2016 yet? #StandwithRand2016

Stay tuned for a post about my husband and my adventures in house'll be a doozy.