Friday, September 19, 2014

Brightening up the kitchen

Okay, so as you know from the previous posts, I finally got my turquoise kitchen with white cabinets. I love these colors because they are so easy to decorate! I wanted a small curtain for my kitchen window above my sink. I didn't want to pay a lot of money for one so I decided to make my own. Only one iron burn later and it is done! I don't have much $$$ in the project either so I strongly urge you to make your own if your heart desires!

Materials & costs:

Tension rode $2 - Walmart
Fabric - $3.00 - Jo Ann Fabrics, I bought clearanced fabric, of course :)
Iron on adhesive hemming tape - $3.00 with coupon at Michaels

So, as you can see, a total of $8.00 and I have a custom window curtain. The best part? I was able to pick whatever fabric I wanted and didn't have to rely on specific prints found at the store.

First, I had to measure the window so I could purchase enough fabric. Once you have measured your window, add 2-3 inches onto all the sides because you'll need to have extra fabric to hem up your sides. Cut your fabric to your desired length.

Next, fold over the top of the fabric, leave enough room for the tension rod to slide into the hole after it has been hemmed. Now, if you're like me and too lazy to get out the sewing machine for a small project, you can use iron on adhesive hemming tape. This was my first time ever using it and I loved it. You just place the tape along the inside of the folded fabric. Simple! Then you iron over the fabric, holding it for about 3 seconds before moving it to ensure the adhesive holds. I hemmed the sides first, then the bottom, then the top to ensure I had enough fabric.

As mentioned above, I have $8 invested in this project and it took about 10 minutes. However, I did burn myself when reaching across the table for my iron on adhesive hemming tape. Oops.


Until next time, stay classy :)

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