Sunday, March 15, 2015

The past few months in a quick recap...

So, a lot has happened in the past few months which have kept me from posting in my blog. Also, I do not feel like we have really done too many house updates or repairs as of late. The majority of things we have done include buying new appliances, not redecorating. Owning a house is ridiculously expensive but I'm enjoying the experiences.

First things first, we had to buy a new dryer due to our other one catching on fire and burning a few towels in the process. Thankfully, everything was fine. The dryer just got too hot and decided to char a few of our towels. Of course, these were the nice towels I had just bought a few months ago to decorate our bathroom, but it could have been worse. Seth and I had been looking into buying a new washer and dryer for quite some time but this wasn't the way we wanted to buy them. After searching and bargain shopping, we finally scored a great deal on an Electrolux front loader washer and dryer. So far, they have been great appliances. No fires, so that's a plus.

Next, our microwave died, so we needed a new microwave. This is also an appliance we had wanted to buy for quite some time. After shopping and hunting for the best deal, we settled on a Panasonic microwave, which I think is too big for our counter but my husband loves, so whatever. It does its job, so I can't complain too much.

The above purchases put a hold on a few of the household projects we wanted to begin. The list is about 15 pages long but I keep telling myself we have the next 30 years to make our house a home. However, anyone who has talked to me for five minutes knows I am not the most patient person. I'm working on it. Isn't admitting it the first step and all that jazz?

As many of you know, this winter has been crazy. I am thankful to say that our pipes and furnace all worked very well this winter. That is a definite blessing. We were unsure of how things were going to be our first winter in our a new home. Well, one one of the many snow days, my husband and I began to tackle a project that we figured would be pretty easy, paint the trim. Nope. Not in the least bit easy, it unveiled a more expensive project we have to tackle very soon. The trim in the dining room, we noticed had calk around it. My first thought was to leave it alone because I felt like they did it for a reason. However, we decided to scrape at it because surely, someone just calked it without knowing what they were doing, right? Wrong answer. the reason there was calk between the baseboard and plaster wall was due to a crack along the plaster wall that has a small gap. So instead of the painting the baseboards, we are now looking up ways to fix the plaster wall or we are going to redo the walls in the dining room. Needless to say, this project has been added to the 15 page to-do list.

Moving on into the living room. I decided, there must be something I can do it in here to decorate my home. You know, just something small that makes me feel productive on my snow day. I had already binge watched Netflix and read three books. The struggle to feel productive was real guys. I decided to decorate my mantle and my bookshelf. It was well past time to put up the rest of the Christmas decorations.

Book shelf 

We finally hung the present from my grandma! 

After trial and error, we decided this was the best placement for this beauty. 
We could not put in the entry way, the stucco has a cement wall behind it, and let's just say..there are two tiny puncture holes in my stucco now for no reason. live and you learn.

With spring rapidly approaching, thank goodness, I decided this afternoon would be a perfect time to clean out my flower beds. Of course, I accidentally killed a few bulbs as I did not realize they were flowers. Cut me some slack, this is my first spring in the house! I tried to replant them but I fear they are not long for this world now. Also, I touched too many worms for this lifetime. Why are they so squishy and disgusting? Ugh. Also, the snails!! Oh my goodness, so many snails in the dirt. I had the intentions of cleaning one flower bed and then taking a nap in between church services but, the sun felt too good and it was a great stress reliever. I can always take a nap this week, spring break baby!


One of the nasty snails I kept touching, I failed to capture an image of the worms....ugh.


Second flower bed, I didn't capture a good before but this is what it looked like when finished, yay.




Hopefully I can spend my spring break planting some beautiful flowers without killing them.

Stay Spring Break project is my office. Wish me luck :)

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