Monday, June 27, 2016

Let's get caught up...

My last blog post was a week before I found out I was pregnant. Needless to say, a lot has changed drastically since then. Being a mom is pretty amazing, I must say. It has its challenges but it also is a lot of fun. I'd like to write some poignant but I feel like so much time has passed that just a quick recap will have to suffice. I've been off work since March 17th, save a few days I went back at the end of the school year. You do not understand the level of boredom you can achieve when stuck at home all day with an infant. Sure, it is fun to sit and binge Netflix but there is only so much you TV one can stand before getting stir crazy. At around four weeks of being stuck in the house, I was brave enough to attempt the mall with a friend. After struggling for a moment with the stroller, life was good but then started the crying of a newborn and the many stares...which really makes you just want to look at the people in Books a Million and say "haven't you ever heard a crying baby before? Go about your business." However, I do not put these thoughts into actual words and instead proceed to breast feed my infant while being covered, of course (wouldn't want to offend anyone, ya know.) Actually the whole reason for being covered is in the event that I see one of my students, cause you know that could get awkward.

After the hump of going to the mall and feeling like a bad parent for taking my baby out at 4 weeks instead of 6 weeks, I began to become more comfortable with taking her out. However, this then created a shopping problem in which we were frequenting the mall at least twice a week to get out of the house. This shopping situation is mostly under control now, however a Carter's just opened in Ashland so all bets are off now. 

While typing this, I am listening for my little one to wake up as she is on her belly in her pack n play. I know, I know...she's on her belly? Another mom fail. If the events in the news lately have shown me anything, it is that parents love to shame one another and make them feel bad for the choices they take when raising their children. Please do not ever let me become one of these moms. We are currently trying to transition E from the rock n play to her crib. Of course, she is now sleeping when I need to run and get some food from a drive thru as I have not been to the grocery store yet. I know, another mom fail. I'll result to eating salt packets or something equivalent before I wake her when she is beginning to sleep longer than 15-30 minute naps. This kid does not like to nap and we all know she does not get that from me as I believe a 3 hour nap is the only way to nap....

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